Dear Esther,

Two decades after Breton’s suggestion that “the time might have come for surrealism to go underground,” Debord finally arrived at the “obligation to hold oneself in reserve.” I read his arrival at this obligation as a partial vindication of Vaneigem and a nod to the underground surrealists, then many years in hiding.

I know you agree that now is not the time for the surrealists to reappear. Our good brothers have only just begun their work. For those of us in the light, two slogans to paint on our banners – Strike the stone! Another generation must die in the desert!

I don’t want to write a new history of poetry. I want to learn how to create its future. I want to escape the nothingness of critique without renouncing my past or affirming the present. But first, I want to get a full night’s sleep!

vale bene,